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Statistically, the cheapest loan has the best rates and no penalties. We can help you find it totally free. We will search and organise as many quotes as appropriate, get back to you with all of them and tell you what each has offered - all with no obligation

Let FinQuote help you save time and money today!

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All information received will always remain confidential.

Totally Free

We don't charge a cent for our service, and it can all be done online or over the phone for your convenience.

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No Dealer Pressure

No pushy dealers to influence your decision, and we are obligation free so you have nothing to lose.

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Industry Experts

We have been in the industry for 20+ years so if it's just advice you're after, we are happy to help and share our knowledge.

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Multiple Lenders

We get our prices from a huge range of large and small lenders so you won't miss out on the cheapest price.

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How we can help You?

Our car buying clients an experience that no car dealer can by providing multiple quotes.

The FinQuote Process

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Our expert staff gets real results fast. We guarantee the cheapest car finance deal for your new or used car purchase. We will get back to you within a few hours with quotes.


Get Approved

You own free, personal Finquote advisor that will guide you in every step of the way, in terms of your finance and your credit limit. We will work on a solution that fits you or your business!


Pick Your Dream Car

Choose the car you want to buy - all we need from you is the registration, mileage and price of your dream car!


Drive Away Happy

Finquote does all the paperwork between lenders and sellers so just sit back and enjoy your new car knowing you just drove away with the best deal.



We can help with all brands and give the right advice and genuine help that dealers can not give - not if they want to stay employed. They must promote their product at all times. Its taken as a given that car dealers will all tell you that their car is the one to buy. They are obviously not correct most of the time.